About Us

BML Landscaping & Snow Removal is a local company run by brothers Brian and Evan Metcalfe, the third generation of the Metcalfe family. Started in 2014, the company is really a continuing thread of service first begun by their paternal grandfather Raymond Metcalfe.

Establishing the family farm near Clayton in the 1950s, Raymond juggled farming with working for a landscaping company in Ottawa for many years. Raymond and his wife raised six sons and three daughters, all of whom remained in the area, and Raymond’s love of landscaping work found its way into all of his sons, many of whom went on to work for Thomas Cavanaugh.

One of Raymond’s sons, Carl, balanced work for the Town of Carleton Place with operating a small landscaping firm of his own. As soon as Carl’s sons Brian and Evan were in kindergarten they joined their Dad on weekends and holidays to learn and help out with the family business. Carl and his wife Heather built their family home near the Metcalfe farm and today one of Carl’s brothers continues to operate the farm.

Almonte Born and Raised

Brian and Evan grew up playing team sports in Almonte, including soccer, softball and hockey, and both graduated from Almonte District High School. Each took a few years to build their skills and experience before teaming up on the family business.

Brian first worked for Davis Landscape and Design in Ottawa the summer after graduating from ADHS before spending time learning the trades and studying to become an electrician at Algonquin College. His heart wasn’t in this new field and he moved out west to Red Deer, AB and worked on a tree farm for nearly 18 months. His time with Parkland Nursery and Landscape Services confirmed his commitment to landscaping work. In 2014 he returned to the Almonte area and started BML Landscaping & Snow Removal.

Evan took a few years after high school to build up weekend experience in landscaping and gained construction experience at Thomas Cavanaugh, including operating skid steers, a key piece of machinery in landscaping work. With Brian’s return to Almonte, the brothers realized that working together was the obvious solution.

Today, Brian and Evan operate BML together, with their mother Heather providing back office support, including financial administration.

The Metcalfe brothers continue their long association with team sports in Almonte by sponsoring a team in the Almonte Hockey Men’s League and another in softball.

Almonte Men's League hockey team
BML sponsors a team in the Almonte Hockey Men’s League
BML is also proud to sponsor softball in Almonte